Course Number: NBB490-0PA

Number of credit hours: 4

Pre-requisites: Must have completed introductory biology and at least one neuroscience course prior to the submission of the application.

Maximum Enrollment: 18

Students must be available Monday through Friday for morning clinical rounds, afternoon classroom meetings, and special evening presentations. By participating in NBB 490-OPA, undergraduates will have an opportunity to correlate experience with actual patients with the science behind the diagnosis.

Students meet both new and returning patients and listen as they describe their symptoms. This is the heart of the course: students learn the unique ways different individuals describe what has happened to them. The patients' language and their facial expressions/emotions allow experienced doctors to distinguish the most important and pertinent symptoms.

Students are expected to read about the symptoms that evening and try to understand the places in the nervous system and common diseases that could produce each symptom. Also, they record the medical terms and drugs mentioned by the doctor to be researched later. They watch as physicians perform neurological exams, develop the diagnosis, and plan treatment. Each participant is required to attend half-day clinics weekly during the six-week program and select one patient each week to review. At the end of the course each student, in consultation with their Neurology mentor, will select a patient to work up into an expanded case study.  The student will present this case study in a formal 15-minute presentation at a conference with the format of a scientific meeting.  Faculty will also attend this conference.